🪙Crypto Market

The cryptocurrency market is the union of buyers and sellers of digital assets looking to support disruptive projects, make fortunes and generate liquidity. It's that simple.

Let's do it by steps.

Because it's a market, the essence of the whole thing is people who want to buy cryptocurrencies... and people who want to sell cryptocurrencies. It's like a Stock Exchange, but with more volatility – consequently, with opportunities for greater profit potential. Keep in mind that price drops in the market are natural, be aware of the risks.

And speaking of cryptocurrencies, the peculiarity of this type of asset (unlike a stock or investment fund) is that it is decentralized (does not depend on a government or banking institution), it's 100% digital and resides on a blockchain (a kind of encrypted data network, which justifies the prefix "crypto" in cryptocurrency).

Important: each cryptocurrency, even though it is a digital asset, represents a real project, with real solutions and a true practical application in the real world.

In this market, serious projects are cryptocurrencies. And fantasies are frauds.

That said, solutions range from Internet of Things and 5G (so you don't depend on abusive fees and terrible service from telecom companies) to Decentralized Finances (so you don't depend on bank fees and brokers' opinions).

It's a new world.

Finally, we arrive at the main purpose of this market: to invest or disinvest in projects with the greatest potential to generate fortunes and liquidity (money in our pockets), running the typical risks of this market in the process.

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