🆘Market Issues

The crypto market is skittish for new investors and confusing for even the most experienced investors – and not only do we want to, we can change that.

When we say that the market is risky for new investors, we are talking about the exaggerated volatility of cryptocurrencies. But you don't have to suffer from it.

Think about it...

There are mechanisms in this market that allow you to turn falling prices into profit in your pocket (an operation called "short"), as well as taking advantage of rising prices (an operation called "long").

Furthermore, even more experienced investors can find the crypto world to be confusing and technical, just like the internet in the 1990s. Here are some of the obstacles:


  1. Resource overload: some platforms offer so many features and trading options (advanced charts, different types of orders and multiple currencies) that it becomes difficult to execute... which should be simple.

  2. Foreign Languages: Global platforms favor English and other First World languages (the naked truth is that Portuguese is not a priority).

  3. Lack of Standardization: Each platform in the crypto world has its own rules, visuals and experiences – which forces you to learn everything from scratch.

  4. Mistakes & Dropout: The consequences of these difficulties are investment mistakes and the eventual dropout of investors who are unable to make money.


  1. Essential Features: Vinco gives you all the features you need (and yes, we've skipped the ones you don't), focusing on efficiency rather than "fluff".

  2. National Language: Brazilians will understand everything at Vinco in clear Portuguese, with few technical terms (and when there are, they will be accompanied with the proper explanation). Foreign users will see the whole platform in English.

  3. Absolute Standardization: Everything you encounter, on any Vinco business front, will follow the same standards and visual experience – clarity is the name of the game.

  4. Hits & Permanence: We reduce your miss rates and provide hit odds that can change your life – and keep you steady, strong and profitable in the game.

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