✌️Vinco (in practice)

Let's suppose you already understood the context (crypto will create a New Financial Elite), the problem (the market is volatile and confusing) and our mission (connecting ordinary people with this opportunity).

Now let's see how this works in practice:

The initiative includes two business fronts: education (focused on those who want to learn) and investments (focused on those who want to implement what they have learned).

On the learning and training front, Vinco Education will deliver free content (for beginners, intermediate and advanced investors) and paid content (for professionals and enthusiasts in the sector who want to play at the highest level of profitability).

On the investment front, Vinco Exchange will deliver two types of opportunities: internal (acquire Vinco tokens and use them to avoid paying fees, have access to education and earning possibility from the appreciation of the token given the supply and demand of the virtual asset) and external (investing in other virtual assets that Vinco lists on its platform, such as Bitcoin, Ether, and other crypto assets).

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