šŸ’”Vinco Launchpad

Vinco Launchpad will be Vinco Exchange's solution to facilitate and secure the crowdfunding process of cryptocurrencies, helping companies to create their own tokens. Through it, any company that meets Vinco's requirements and policies will be able to tokenize their company and present it to the market, exposing their information, ideas and values.

Vinco Launchpad will follow a four-step process to ensure secure and efficient tokenization:

  1. In the first stage, the structuring, the issuing company and the asset will be verified by Vinco and assignment of rights contracts will be signed to guarantee the legitimacy of the process.

  2. On issuing tokens, tokens will be created using smart contracts which will contain all the financial rules and will be registered on the decentralized, auditable and secure blockchain.

  3. Upon distribution, the tokens will be offered on the Vinco platform and may be purchased by investors, who will now hold rights over the tokenized asset.

  4. Finally, in the management stage, the company will have access to a token panel to manage its funding, portfolio, statement and settlement, making payments and distributing resources to investors proportionally through the blockchain.

Another advantage of tokenizing your business on Vinco will be having the exchange's community base and, for holders of Vinco Token, there will be a priority list, where they will have the advantage of being able to acquire the tokens that are launched first.

Vinco Launchpad will be the ideal tool for companies that want to securely and efficiently tokenize their assets, promoting awareness and market adoption of their projects. Furthermore, it will also offer investors the opportunity to acquire tokens of promising projects and participate in the growth of these companies.

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