🪙Vinco Token

Vinco Token is an exchange utility token that will be used as a way to pay and enjoy the products and services offered by Vinco. Whoever holds the token will have access to several benefits, including:

  • Payment of trading fees: Users who owns the Vinco Token will be able to use it to pay trading fees on the Vinco Exchange, which can be more advantageous than paying with fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies.

  • Access to exclusive products and services: Vinco Exchange plans to offer access to exclusive products and services to users who owns Vinco Tokens. This may include access to high volume trading, market analysis tools or other valuable resources.

  • Participation in Loyalty Programs: Vinco Exchange also plans to offer loyalty programs to users who hold Vinco Tokens.


Vinco ICO (Initial Coin Offering) aims to raise funds for the development of the Vinco Exchange platform, an interface to be created for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. During the ICO, holders can purchase Vinco Tokens using Brazilian Real or cryptocurrencies. In return, the token will give you access to Vinco products such as education, fees, and others.

The ICO can also be used to fund Vinco's promotion and marketing in order to attract active users to the brand. Details on the use of funds can be found on the Use of Resources page.


Vinco is offering a unique opportunity for anyone to participate in the Vinco Token ICO phase and help promote the cryptocurrency. Those who refer the token using their referral link will receive a bonus of 10% of the investment amount in USDT (Tether).

This bonus is a way of rewarding investors for sharing the token with their friends and acquaintances and helping to promote the Vinco Exchange project and ideals. Furthermore, this bonus can also be a great way to encourage investors to participate in the ICO phase and help build the platform's user base.

To participate in the 10% bonus offered by Vinco Exchange, investors must follow these steps:

  1. Obtain your referral link: To participate in the bonus, users need to obtain a unique referral link from Vinco. This link can be obtained through the Vinco ICO platform.

  2. Share the referral link: After getting the referral link, users need to share it with other people who are interested in participating in the Vinco Token ICO phase. This can be done through social media, e-mail or other forms of communication.

  3. Complete the transaction: When a user get registered using a referral link to buy tokens during the Vinco Token ICO phase, a 10% bonus will be credited to the account of the user who referred the token. The bonus will be credited in USDT (Tether).

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